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Expert, Quality Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Montclair, NJ

Trenchless sewer replacement montclair nj

Your landscaping does a lot to maintain your property's curb appeal and even value, so you'll want to minimize the damage it might incur because of sewer line work. Fortunately, a non-invasive trenchless option will fix your drainage woes while preventing landscaping woes.


Our customers benefit from replacing their sewer lines with Trenchless Sewer Lines. Switching over to Trenchless Sewer Lines is:

  • Quick
  • Low-Cost
  • Effective at addressing all manners of issues leading to breakages.
  • Landscaping won't suffer any wear, your yard will not be dug up.

Our customers who have switched to Trenchless Sewer Lines are happy they have done so. It is Jersey Drains Unlimited goal is to give you the workmanship you desire and ensure that your plumbing will work properly.

Read 2 of our many Five Star Reviews

It was a Saturday and I had 2 extra people staying at my home for the weekend. So 5 total. I noticed my slop sink in the basement was filled with water. So I called the Lyndhurst sewer dept. They came and said I needed a plumber. I called Jersey Drains and left a message since they were closed. Craig responded within 30 minutes and told me someone would be at my home shortly. Robert contacted me to discuss the issue and pricing. He arrived within 30 minutes from my call with Craig.

Robert was so courteous and explained the process. He worked with me to limit the water that would spill in my basement. Then he brought in his equipment which was well kept and perfect for the job. I was impressed with the quality of the care taken to perform the clean out of my sewer line. He did not mind that I watched his technique and explained what was happening and what I could do to prevent it in the future. He cleaned up the mess. In fact he repaired a small hole in the pipe with epoxy. My family was able to shower and get ready for an evening party for my mother's 94th birthday. Well worth the price to be able to use the facilities in my home again. Thank you Robert and Craig.

- Francis B. | Rutherford, NJ

Recently contacted Jersey Drains to do a camera inspection of the main drain, the source of MANY problems over the years. Robert arrived, explained the process and we viewed the camera's journey along the pipe. Luckily there were no breaks in the line, but there was a large obstruction (tree roots, paper, etc.) a distance down the pipe. Robert explained everything along the way and water jet streamed the pipe. Viewed the camera again afterwards, and ALL CLEAR! Everyone at the company was a pleasure to work with & I highly recommend their services. So nice to be able to do laundry again without the toilet in the basement overflowing!!

Gail L. | Rutherford, NJ

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